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High-resolution balances made affordable.

Very quick response, very fast respon makes a great differance.

Compact body, the BL Series provides a high-precision electromagnetic system that is just as compact as a portable balance.

High stability, the high stability mode of BL Series produces steady readings even under poor environmental conditions.

Various unit conversions, percentage mode and various unit conversions are standard.

Analog bar dsiplay, remaining weighing capacity can be seen at a glance. Especially helpful when filling containers on the balance.

Interface capabilities, optional EP 80 / EP 90 printer can be connected directly to the BL  Series balances to produce reports. An optional interface is available to enable communication to a PC.

Piece counting function, quantity can be read as soon as parts are placed on the pan.




Pan size (mm)


BL220H 220g 0.001g 100 x 100
BL320H 320g 0.001g 100 x 100
BL2200H 2200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200H 3200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200HL 3200g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL320S 320g 0.01g 100 x 100
BL620S 620g 0.01g 160 x 124
BL3200S 3200g 0.1g 160 x 124

Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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