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Refrigerated Centrifuge wdely used in the field of medicine, life science, agriculture science, institute , etc, used in the area of protein precipitation, RNA extraction and clinical sample processing.

• Refrigerated centrifuge is melt housing, safe & compact, it is of microprocessor control, less noise and fast cooling.
• Brush-less frequency motor, free maintenance, no powder pollution, quick in
speed up and down.
• The flexible axle driven system which drive the rotor directly, smooth in operation
and small vibration.
• There are many rotors for your choice, suitable for different specifications meets
customers’ different requirements of separation.
• Digital display the RCF?time and speed.
• There are 10pieces of editable programs for your store or pre-setting.
• Auto-electric lid lock with insert alarm & over-speed protection.
• Temperature range: -10C~40C

Model                    LRC 50             LRC 51               LRC 52                LRC 53               LRC 54

Max. Speed          22000rpm       18000rpm          17000 rpm          16000 rpm         15000 rpm

Max. RCF             30910g             26660g               26460g                 22020g              22920g

Angel Rotor         12x1.5/2ml       30x0.5ml            24x1.5/2ml          16x5ml               12x20ml

Temperature                                            -10C to 40C

Time setting                                              99h59min





Balance Prod.

Scale Prod.

Measuring Inst.

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