Vacuum Filtration

Vacuum filtration is widely applied in laboratory for various tests such as microorganism test in food, pharmacy, beverage, drinking water industries and suspended solid test in water treatment field, solvent (mobile phase)refinement before HPLC, GC,AA analysis etc.

ROCKER is one of the leading suppliers of vacuum filtration apparatuses in the world, ROCKER manufactures quality and cost effective vacuum pumps, compressors, manifolds, funnels and provides filters for different applications, Rocker's vacuum filtration product includes filtration glass set, vacuum pump, manifold and funnel.


VF1(Cat.167200-01) Complete set includes magnetic funnel(300ml), magnetic suction bottle(PYREX,1000ml) with drain and holding base for general filtrations such as suspended solid test.
VF2(Cat.167200-02) Complete set includes SS316 stainless steel funnel(100ml), magnetic suction bottle(PYREX,1000ml) with drain and holding base for some filtrations requiring rapid sterilization such as organism test.
VF3(Cat.167200-03) Complete set includes glass funnel(300ml), clamp, suction bottle(1000ml) for sample pretreatment or refining solution used in HPLC, GC, AA analysis.
VF204A Vacuum filtration stand VF204 with a magnetic funnel(300ml) for general purpose filtration.
167214-11 : VF204A Vacuum filtration stand, AC110V,60HZ.
167214-22 : VF204A Vacuum filtration stand, AC220V,50HZ.
VF204B Vacuum filtration stand VF204 with a stainless steel funnel(100ml), a Dragon 100 torch burner , Pall GN-6 Metricel membrane filter(200/pk) for organism test filtration.
167224-11 : VF204B Vacuum filtration stand, AC110V,60HZ.
167224-22 : VF204BVacuum filtration stand, AC220V,50HZ.

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