Laboratory Blender | Stomacher Seward | Stomacher 400

Seward Stomacher 80, 400, 3500, 4500

The world’s leading laboratory paddle blender for food microbiologists.

Manufactured to industrial standards the Circulator allows for easy and effective processing of multiple samples, without the risk of cross contamination. The Stomacher® owing to the quality of build and components, is highly durable and reliable, ensuring consistent homogenisation during frequent use.

Digital control panel provides simple control of processing features.
Features are programmable for repeatable homogenisation protocols.
Globally referenced by thousands of protocols in food microbiology.
The unique patented Circulator paddle design improves organism recovery.
No cross contamination between samples.
Simple to clean and requires minimal maintenance.
The Stomacher® Bag Range has been designed to fulfil all applications.
Stomacher® bags are made from high quality food grade virgin LDPE granule, extruded to 65?m film thickness
All Stomacher® Bags are irradiated sterile.
Only genuine Stomacher® Bags carry the Seward quality mark.
Model                                              80                                         400                             3500                
Pack Dimensions          49.5x33.5x23.5cm                 48x42x43cm               57.5x57x56cm
Weight (kg)                                   18                                           25                                 42
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