Portable DO Meter MW600 PRO| Milwaukee Portable DO Meter MW605 MAX |

MW600 PRO , MW605 MAX and MW190 MAX are  Dissolved Oxygen Meters /  DO Meters with Faster Micro Processor, Milwaukee's most popular meters with its reliable and fast operation as well as its accuracy.

MW190 MAX  is a benchtop DO Meter

MW600 PRO and MW605 MAX are portable DO meters

These  meters are suitable for a wide range of applications, such as Educational, Agriculture and Horticulture, as well as water and environmental analysis.



Model                    MW600 PRO   MW605 MAX   MW190 MAX

Range(mg/L)        0.0 ~ 19.9       0.0 ~ 45.0         0.00 ~45.00

Resolution             0.1 mg/L         0.1mg/L            0.01 mg/L

Accuracy                                            ±1.5% FS

Temp. range                             -20.0°C  to 120.0°C

ATC                                           automatic, from 0 to 50°C

Environment                           0 to 50 °C; max RH 95 %



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