AAS |Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer | Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy

The AA 500FG Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer is available in the following configuration :

  • Flame Only
  • Graphite Furnace
  • Combined Flame and Graphite Furnace with the option for up to nine heating ramps.


The system is fully controlled from a PC with AAWin Software.

Specifications :

Wavelength range                        190nm - 900nm

Monochromator                            Czerny-Turner Configuration

Spectral Bandwidth                      0.1, 0.2, 0.4, 1.0, 2.0nm

Wavelength Accuracy                  ± 0.15nm

Wavelength Reproducibility         < 0.05nm

Resolution                                      0.2nm ± 0.02nm

Baseline Stability                          0.005A/30min

Sensitivity (Cu)                              2 µg/ml Absorption > 0.28A (flame)

Detection Limit                              Cu < 0.004ug/ml (flame) Cd < 0.4 x 10-12g (graphite furnace)

Repeatability                                   Cu < 0.7% (Air/Acetylene flame), Ba < 1.0% ( Nitrous oxide/Acetylene flame), Cu < 2.0% Cd < 2.0% (Graphite Furnace)

Background Correction                 Deuterium Arc, Self reversal

Characteristic Concentration       Cu < 0.02 ug/ml, Ba < 0.15 mg/ml (N2O/Acetylene)

Burner Heads                                  Titanium Alloy

Nebuliser                                          High-efficiency glass, Acid proof available as an option

Atomization Chamber                    Corrosion-resistant material

Position Adjustment                       Automatic changeover (AA500GF) Manual (AA500F)
Automatic Setting of Optimum Height for Flame Burner.

Safety Functions                              Burner Identification, Flame Sensor, Gas leak Senso




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