HPLC LC 200 | LC 200 HPLC

The LC200 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph offers power data processing with unquestionable accuracy and precision.

System includes a long list of accessories and One Year Warranty.  ISO Compliant. The LC200 Chromatography system gives excellent stability with with accurate flow rate.  Easy to use LCWin 1.0 software offers complete control, powerful data processing, reporting functions, intelligent diagnostic system and maintenance utility ensures a complete and flexible HPLC software solution for yo


Specifications :

LC210 Pump

Flow range                                                                0.001mL/min - 10.000 mL/min,  0.001mL/increment

Compressive compensation                                 User - defined

Plunge seal wash                                                    Manual

Max opereration pressure                                      40Mpa, upper and lower settable, auto alarm

Pressure ripple                                                        « 1%, (1mL/min, water)

Flow precision                                                         « 0.075% RSD (based on retention time)

Flow accuracy                                                          ± 1%

Binary high pressure gradient accuracy             « 1%

Binary high pressure grandient precision         « 0.2%


LC220 UV Detector

Lamp  source                                                           Deuterium  lamp,  Tungsten lamp

Wavelength range                                                   190 - 800 nm

Spectral bandwidth                                                  6nm

Wavelength accuracy                                              ± 1nm (Deuterium lamp)

Wavelength  precision                                            « 0.2nm

Flow cell volume                                                      10µL                                              

Flow cell pressure                                                   10MPa(1500psi)

Integration time                                                        0.1s - 2s


LC230 Auto sampler

Loop range                                                               1 - 5000µL, 1µL increment (10mL optional)

Syring volume                                                            500µL (2500µL optional)

Sample capacity                                                       2 x 48 vial tray (1.5 ml vial)

Switching time if injection valve                             < 100ms

Needle location precision                                       « 0.6 mm

Injection cycle time                                                  17s (60s if including washing needle)

Injection mode                                                          Full loop, partial loop fill and pickup mode

Injection reproducibility                                            Full loop <0.3%, Partial Loop < 0.5%, Pickup Loop <1%

Carry over                                                                  <0.05%

Cooling (optional)                                                    4°C  to ambient -3°C


LC240 Column Oven

Temperature range                                                   Ambient - 100°C, 0.1°C increment

Temperature accuracy                                              ± 0.5°C

Temperature stability                                                « 0.1°C

Cooling (optional)                                                     Minimum to ambient  -15°C

Columns accommodated                                       3 Columns, 15-25cm


LC250 Degasser

Type                                                                              LC250 Membrance online degasser 2 channel

Volume                                                                       10ml/min


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