Colony Counter | Galaxy 230

Galaxy 230 is designed for reliable and traceable counting of bacterial colonies growing on nutrient agar in petri-dishes with a wide range of diameter from 60~150mm. Innovative PC software empowers you recording, tracing, or reporting data of sample No., date, user's name, row count, dilution factor, total count, etc.

Its pressure sensor design enables the counter being operated by any kind of marking pen. Ring shaped illumination lamp with electronic ballast results in glare-free light without blinding or noise and makes operator working comfortable without eyestrain.


Readout: 4 digit (0~9999) bright red 0.6" LED display
Magnification: 2~3X
Petri-dish size: 60~150mm diameter
Zero reset: Yes
Count back: Yes
Illumination: Glare-free ring-shaped lamp
Pressure sensitivity: Adjustable
Output: RS232
Dimension: W313mm x H360mm x D346mm
Net Weight: 5.2kg
Gross Weight: 6.4kg
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