Vacuum Pump - Chemical Resistant

Chemker Series are chemical duty vacuum pumps that can apply to various applications. All wetted parts are made of PTFE material: the outer case is processed with squeeze-casting alumunium and anti-rust treatment. Air driven diaphragm, oil-free design will help to lower both cost and time on maintenance.

Chemker Series are designed under consideration of friendly operation and thanks to the innovative mechanical technology, the noise is only 50 dB which make user free from noise pollution in laboratory. To consider the safety, Chemker series pumps are all equipped with a thermal protection device that will automatically stop running once over-heated and will resume the running after working temperature cools down.


Model Chemker 300 Chemker 400
Power 110-120V/50,60Hz 110-120V/50,60Hz
Max. power comsuption 70 W 90 W
Max. current 0.8 A 1.3 A
Max. vacuum -650mmHg=85.5kPa=110Torr -650mmHg=85.5kPa=110Torr
Max. flow rate 16 l/min 32 l/min
Horse Power 1/8HP 1/6HP
Pole 4P 4P
Net wet 5.0 kg 7 kg
Gross weight 5.2 kg 7.4 kg
Port thread 5/16" 5/16"
Noise Level 50dB 50dB
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