Moisture Analyzer Shimadzu MOC63U| MOC63U Shimadzu Moisture Analyzer

The Unibloc Moisture Analyzer MOC-63U, excellent performance for a wide variety of applications in multiple industries. WindowsDirect-easily integrate weighing results with laboratory software without a special application.

Meets with GLP/GMP/ISO9000 requirements.


Model MOC-63U
Capacity 60 g
Readability 0.001 g
Moisture range                                                      0.01%  to 100.00%
Drying heater                                                         straight type halogen  heater
Temp. range                                                           50 - 200 °C  (1 °C increments)
Display                                                                     LCD with backlight
Timer setting                                                          1 - 120 menutes or continuous.
Measurement modes                                          standard, rapid drying, slow drying, step drying


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