Timbangan Portable | Shimadzu Portable Balance ELB Series

The most user-friendly portable balance

Designed for accuracy

Shimadzu cares to the last digit. Level indicator and adjustable legs are part of our design to enable accurate weighing.

One-second response
Fast read-out and high stability save time and increase your productivity.

Long battery life / Auto power off
Continuous operation capacity of 40 hours makes you feel connected to power anywhere. Auto-power-off function prevents unnecessary consumption of batteries.

Pan size (mm)
EL120 / ELB120 120g 0.01g Ø 110
EL200 / ELB200 200g 0.01g Ø 110
EL300 / ELB300 300g 0.01g Ø 110
EL600 / ELB600 600g 0.05g 170 x 130
EL600S / ELB600S 600g 0.1g 170 x 130
EL1200 / ELB1200 1200g 0.1g 170 x 130
EL2000 / ELB2000 2000g 0.1g 170 x 130
EL3000 / ELB3000 3000g 0.1g 170 x 130
EL12K / ELB12K 12Kg 1g 170 x 130
EL6000S / ELB6000S 6000g 1g 170 x 130
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