Timbangan Semi Mikro Shimadzu AP225W| Shimadzu Semi MicroBalance AP225WD Series

Shimadzu AP-WD dual range semi micro balances are the world's first five-decimal balances with the advantages of Unibloc one-piece force cell technology.

WindowsDirect function , the balance communicates directly to a PC with Windows® applications. No additional software is needed.

Perfect Self Calibration (PSC), the balance self calibrates  when it detects  temperature changes that would affect accuracy.

Clock CAL function, fully-automatic calibration at user preset-times. The balance automatically performs calibration at a selected times . Up to three times a day.

Density / Specific Gravity measurement, software for specific gravity measurement is pre- installed.

Metal housing, the aluminum die-cast housing offers lasting high quality exterior, protection of the core mechanism, and ease of cleaning.

Backlit, allows use under poor lighting conditions.

Analog bar graph, the analog display allows the operator to see at a glance how much more can be loaded before reaching the weighing capacity.

Piece counting and Unit converion,  Below-weigh hook, GLP/GMP/ISO conformance, etc.


Model                             Capacity                           Readability                         Pan size

AP 225WD                     220g/102g                        0.1mg/0.01mg                        Ø 91

AP 125WD                     120g/52g                          0.1mg/0.01mg                        Ø 91

AP 135W                        135g                                  0.01mg                                     Ø 91

AP 225W                         225g                                 0.01mg                                     Ø 91

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